One Next.js Link tip ✨

Ivica Batinić

One Next.js Link tip ✨

You should never colocate Next.js Link inside actionable components, instead you should wrap it in the parent component.

So, instead of this ⚡️

const SomeSpecificFeatureButton = ({feature}) => {
  return (
    <NextLink href="" passHref>
      <Button as="a">
          <Image src={feature.src} />

It should look like this ✅

import NextLink from 'next/link';

<NextLink href="/example-link" passHref>
  <SomeSpecificFeatureButton as="a" feature={feature} />

Reasons 🌈

Next.js Link is utility component which doesn't render any HTMl element, instead it just clones the children and prepends some additional props (ref, onClick, href).

If you colocate Next.js Link inside SomeSpecificFeatureButton you are mixing two concerns (presentational and behavioral) and you can't opt-out form behavioral one if you need to reuse this component in some different context, for example attach onClick handler to SomeSpecificFeatureButton and open a delete action modal.

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